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KOB West Central

Before the Magic...
Ceair Gwianedd
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Five Planets in a Distant Galaxy, revolving around a Strange Star... Edit Text

This is one of the KOB Society's websites. I think there are about 5-6 in all, but this is the first one made by Lindsay Clark, a very close friend of L. Catherine.

New Stuff!!!

L. Catherine has made many more maps that she is hoping she can get the scanner to work so she can put them on here!!!!
  L. Catherine has found her two Vice-Presidents of KOB!!! Their names are Mia Juice and Nara Clock. Mia really likes hot dogs and chocolate, and Nara is a big fan of fruit cups. They can be able to post stuff that they want on the Central site or the South site. :) Check back in for more news about that!! We have new members!!!! congrats to Livi Windows, Lissa Thankin, and Oxi Hostei!!!

Journal of random stuff by L. Catherine:
1/26/05-- I went to school today. The images of people rushing past me in such a hurry to get to class inspired me. I decided to make another map. This one was the West side of Kaera, called Chiquadu. The place is full of little creatures with one foot shaped like a lightning bolt called Chikas.
1/27/05--I made a map of the Sun Town on Khamaelion Island in Chiquadu, the West side of Kaera. It is magnificent. It has a man-made lake right by it called Bryson lake, which has rivers srouting out of it and into the Sun Town, and back into the lake.
1/28/05-- I can't get the stupid scanner to work.
1/29/05-- I ran a survey around my house to see what color my eyes are. Here's the standings: Hazel: 2 Blue: 2 Green: 1 Brown: 2 Undecided: too many to count.
1/31/05-- I thought about how much better the world would be if everyone wrote a book.
2/1/05-- I was sick (and still am), so I stayed home from school to finish this website.
2/2/05-- I went back to school, but brought along anti-bacterial soap.
2/3/05-- I made this incredible drawing of an advanced Ckrogan, doing some sort of spell from her spellbook. She is tall. I noticed that not one of the people I have drawn yet have curly hair (which I have a WHOLE lot of). I will go and make some drawings with curly hair.
2/4/05-- I went and saw the theatre play 'Hello, Dolly!'. I wish I could sing like Dolly. laaaaaa!!!!! (me singing to myself and also in my choir class)
2/5/05-- I went to Kohl's, and left with a headache, 2 skirts, a shirt, and a blood blister.
2/7/05-- I created new names for the vice-presidents of KOB since it's unsafe to post them on the Internet. I also touched a dead heart (very cold and squishy) today in Science.
2/8/05-- 5 months until my birthday!! I portrayed the role of a nerd in a in-class talk show play. Some people said that I did it very well with my Harry Potter glasses and plaid shirt. 
2/16/05-- I haven't written in here for a while. hmph. I just added on to the Prologue, and I am typing the book up on computer.
3/13/05-- Once again, I haven't written in awhile. oh, I'm so bad... Anyways, I have big news. I'm sorry that I may have taken your attention and run away with it (hey, I don't know) but I gotta give it back, and change everything. My name is Clark. Lindsay Clark. L. Catherine is just me when I want to disguise myself. I (Lindsay Clark) write all of the Works of KOB... but when I become really thoughtful, I pretend like my name is L. Catherine. Actually, I really is. L. stands for Lindsay, and my middle name is Catherine. There you go, so neglect all the other stuff. But, when I am L. Catherine, I feel a bit older, and am kinda different. I'm like a different person than I am when I talk to people. When I am L. Catherine, I am silent. It helps me think very deeply.

3/21/05-- I just came home from vacation (I missed a day of school!). Ugh. Four hours straight on a plane. I was sick with the fever yesterday, but I'm all better now. I'm starting to think that 8 books is too many for the Mengal series, so I may be eliminating some. Now, I just noticed that this is going kind of funky, so now it is probably going to stay like this every single time that I write in this journal. Sorry!

3/23/05-- I was very hyperactive during                                   2nd period (English), but calmed down by                                  a whole lot during 3rd (Gym). I was                     hyperactive because during Science, we                                  (as in the class) was assigned the project                               to make an infommercial about tigers with                             Movie Maker, and I am the Exhibit Designer                               in my group. Hardest job, but I love it.                                Oh, and I think I fixed this indenting                               thingy problem, but it won't last long.



4/8/05-- My brother's birthday, but other than that, I made a really good bunch of drawings. They're faceless angels that are doing certain activities. The first one was dedicated to my volleyball team, the Blue Angels, but the rest are kind of different. Okay, the first one has straight hair and is in blue ink, and is holding a volleyball. The second is dancing in a spotlight where nothing else is illuminated. The third is an angel painting a picture. The fourth is an angel sitting on a wall, her right foot dipped in the pond beneath her, her left elbow resting on a book that she's reading, and the book's propped up on her knee. A nice picture. The most recent one I did during math. She has curly hair in a ponytail, and is just sitting down amongst all the grass and flowers. The hardest part of drawing them is the wings. Talk about difficult!!! The title of all of them is called "Angels Among Us". I have no idea where I've heard that before. Oh! Oh! Also, 3 months until my birthday!!!! 

KOB Planet Info of the Week... interesting

 Week 3/13--   Mountainia will be the 2nd series out of the publishers after Mengal.
 Week 3/20--   The land of Sioda will be a major hotspot for evil in the Sioda series, especially the last part of that series. Note to self for future years: The last book in the Sioda series will have a Prologue like all of the other books, but that one will be about the Tikinikiaboo.
 Week 3/27--   Kaera is the only planet with multiple islands (Sioda has 1 island-- or should I say iceberg?)
 Week 4/3--    Rhondae's Darblest's Home or something like that is completely covered in 7 feet of water.

About the KOB Society

  If you are wondering what in the world (or out of the world) is KOB, then I'll tell you. KOB means Kings of Battle, which is the head title of L. Catherine's novels (currently in the making). There are 5 parts to the KOB series, which includes all of Ceair Gwianedd's planets. The 5 planets were pull from their galaxies because they were the last planets with magic remaining on them. Ceair Gwianedd is the main source of magic, and that was the thing it was running out of, so it needed planets with magic by it to survive. Or, in other words, Ceair Gwianedd was so topped up with magic that a great Seeking (don't ask) came forth out of its center and grabbed all of the planets with magic in its path, and brought them to the mighty star.There, they prospered and remained, except for the evil inside them.
 The KOB society is a group of people who support L. Catherine in her writings, and can notify Lindsay Clark (me) if they want to post anything on the Central KOB site, which is the society lookup, (if possible) chat room, message board, fanclub, etc. site. KOB is new, so I really don't think that there's a fanclub. They can also decide whether they want to do anything special like contests or chat rooms, or whatever. Every member is equal! There is no "greater people" in the KOB society! We may have Site Builders (me and someone else), The President of KOB (L. Catherine), the Vice-Pesidents (Mia Juice and Nara Clock), Head of Advertising, and Treasurer (both unknown). All of the others can join at their own will and so what they please, but these officer jobs are people that are chosen. If members of KOB society have and idea for another officer job, they will email L. Catherine. She doesn't really care. But, alas, you can't email L. Catherine for security issues.

    I'll update this site frequently, so make sure to check back.

I got this picture from global_wojs/i_first.htm. it looks like Kaera.

Please be sure to get in touch in some random way since the email address isn't on here to let Lindsay Clark or L. Catherine know what you think of the KOB West Central site.